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Batch It Pro is at heart a Windows based Batch Image Processor which caters to the growing
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25 June 2015

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While managing an online image gallery, web masters and professional photographers require processing a large number of images for giving them appropriate layout. In such a case, using a complex and large application uselessly complicate the simple image resizing, rotating, renaming, etc tasks. So, why get confused using complex tools when you can get an easier solution to perform such simple tasks within lesser time and in batch mode. One such utility is Batch It Pro 4.0 that facilitates you in resizing, renaming, rotating, adding captions, etc to your images. It supports processing different image formats like JPEG, PCX, BMP, TGA, JPEG 2000, PPM, PNG, PBM, GIF, along with VDA, VST, PIX, ICB to name a few. Further, it supports JPEG image quality and smoothing attributes, Dot Per Inch modification, and enables resizing image aspects ratio. Not just this, you can even add watermarks with this remarkable application.

With its intuitive console, Batch It Pro 4.0 provides you with smoothly operable functions for image modification. For beginning to process images, you’re provided Load Files and Load Folders options for selecting the different images or folders containing your image collection. The loaded images are queued up at the mid area, from where you highlight any and see the before and after versions of the images at right side sections. Further selecting the images you can move to Settings tab where you can use Image Properties, Image Effects, Text Caption Properties, Watermark Properties, Filename Changer Properties, Properties options for making desirable changes. Alter the settings, you simply have to specify the target directory and click ‘Process All’ for beginning to apply the preferred changes you’ve selected. In addition to these, it lets you mark/unmark features to Use Filename Change, Do Filename Change Only, Enable Change Preview, and Enable Print Images. Every Settings option possess various functions that help you process images, as needed.

Batch It Pro allows the altering of your images by resizing, rotating, renaming, and watermarking them along with performing different other supported tasks. Considering the remarkable set of option and configurations along with its powerful functioning, the utility is justifiably being awarded 3.5 rating points.

Publisher's description

Batch It Pro is at heart a Windows based Batch Image Processor which caters o the growing needs of the digital photographers at large. If you require a quick and easy program to resize and rename a huge batch of images, Batch It Pro is here for you.
It loads JPEG, PNG, Single Page TIFF, BMP, JPEG 2000, PCX, PBM, PPM, PGM, Targa, GIF and Windows HD Photos and saved to JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, PCX, PBM, PPM, PGM, JPEG 2000 and Windows HD Photo.
Batch It Pro can batch resize, rename, add captions, add watermarks, add drop shadows and more in minutres instead of hours or days if you do it manually.
Batch It Pro is made as a Simple-to-Use application. All you need to do is to load the images, set the necessary conversation processes and click Start and let it do all the legwork for you.
The All New Batch It Pro v5 now comes in two variants which supports both the 64 Bit and 32 Bit Windows includes the latest Windows 8. The 64 Bit takes advantage of the speed and memory addressing which allow you to process faster and larger images.
Batch It Pro
Batch It Pro
Version 5.31
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